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Pets For Adoption


We currently are not having our weekly open houses as well as drop in visits.

Send us an email on our contact page to inquire about a specific pet by name and please

 see our match making application in the contact section.


Walker Hound x, Male, Neutered, 10 years of age

Size: L +- 70lbs

Kids: 5+

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Most dogs yes

Energy: Medium 

Special Notes:

*Very friendly once he knows you

*House trained 10/10

*Fenced in yard recommended

*Timid with some men at first

*Would do excellent with someone who knows hounds


Chow x Collie, Male, Neutered, 6 years of age

Size: L +- 85lbs

Kids: 13+

Cats: No

Dogs: No

Energy: Medium 

Special Notes:

*Recommended in a female based home

*Doesn't like most men


Saint Bernard x Malamute, Male, 4 Years Old, Neutered, 115lbs

At this time we are looking for a very specific home for Nova;

A Home must...

*Be in a rural area with acreage- no apartments, no condos

*Must not have young children, only children over twelve years of age 

*No men

*Female based

*Must have experience with giant breed

*Must be experienced in training

*No male dogs, especially intact males

*Would do best as an only dog, some possession issues with other dogs

Nova has been with us for over three years. Theses are Nova's requirements. Nova should be met several times to be considered for adoption. He needs to be with someone he trusts and trust cannot be earned on one visit. 

Please read carefully if considering Nova. If you meet these requirements please contact us. 

Adoption Fee: $200


Husky, Female, Spayed, 5 years of age

Size: L +- 60lbs

Kids: 5+

Cats: No

Dogs: No

Energy: Medium / High

Special Notes:

*Can be vocal 

*Fenced in yard recommended

*She loves to be active - would do well with an active home

*Wants to be with her people


DSH, Female, Spayed, 7 years of age

Kids: 10+ - doesn't like being picked up

Cats: Good with cats once she knows them, recommended with calm cats

Dogs: Recommended to live in a home without dogs or very calm dogs

*Not fond of being picked up

*Loving but sometimes wants her space as well.

*Can be timid of new surroundings


DSH, Male, Neutered, 5 years of age

Not good with cats

Not recommended with dogs or young children

Would do wonderful in a quiet home


DSH, Male, Neutered, 1 year of age

Very friendly and affectionate

Would require a slow introduction to dogs

Has had a past injury to his right eye


Akita x Saint Bernard, Female, Spayed, 3 years of age

Size: L +- 85lbs

Kids: 10+

Cats: No

Dogs: No

Energy: Medium 

Special Notes:

*Does not like men - Female based home only

*House training 8/10

*Breed knowledgeable home recommended

*Does not like to swim


*Wants to please her people

*Friendly with women

*Not good with other dogs, Not recommended to live in a neighbourhood with lots of dogs

*Rural home recommended 

Adoption Fee: $250