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We are temporarily closed therefore we are not having our Open House's. They will start back up at the beginning of March


Dapple dachshund x Beagle, Male, Neutered, 2 years old


Size: S + 20lbs

Kids: No +16

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Under Assessment 

Energy: Medium / High

Special Notes:

*Fear Aggression - Caution - No Children

*Hound knowledgeable home

*Must live with a fence

*Loves to run and play

*Crate trained

*Will need housetraining work

*Needs leash training

*Knows how to sit


Husky Mix, Female, Spayed, 1 year of age

Size: M + 50 lbs

Kids: No 10+ - Toy and food protective

Cats: Yes (No if there is food around)

Dogs: Selective- no dominant dogs, (Extremely selective with females)

Energy: Very High

Special Notes:

*Food Possessive and Ball Possessive (No Kids)

*Great with people 

*Would benefit from active household

*Very Sweet

*Needs to learn obedience training

*Hard on a leash

*Glutton with food

*If a future owner has a dog they MUST be fed separately, she will show aggression

*Should not be leash walk reliable home, fence recommended

*Separation anxiety - will bark

*House trained


Hound x Lab, Male, Neutered, 10 years of age

Size: L + 70 lbs

Kids: No young kids - 12+

Cats: No

Dogs: Selective, no dominant dogs, Good with female small and large

Energy: Low/ Medium

Special Notes:

*Great with people - Wary of kids

*Crate trained and house trained 


*Likes to play with toys- sometimes he will dig and bury them

*Can be wary of men 

*Cannot be loose, will wander

*Great on leash

*Will protect toys if someone tries to grab it (No young kids)


Chow x Collie, Male, Neutered, 5 years of age

Size: L + 85 lbs

Kids: No young kids - 15+

Cats: No

Dogs: Very Selective, Preferably only dog

Energy: Low/ Medium

Special Notes:

*Very food motivated

*Crate trained and house trained, very clean inside

*Possessive Aggression - food/ toy taken from him

*Likes to play with toy

*Can be wary of new people - caution with new introductions - cannot be somewhere with lots of visitors

*Knows basic commands - sit, lay down, shake and roll over

*Benefit from dog knowledgeable home

*Independent and loving

*Glutton with food


Saint Bernard x Malamute, Male, Neutered, 2 years of age

Size: XL + 100lbs

Kids: 15+

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Selective- No intact males- no dominant dogs

Energy: Low/ Medium

Special Notes:

*Great with people-No kids under 15

*Crate trained

*Rambunctious - will mouth when playing

*Benefit from large breed knowledgeable home

*Needs a physically strong owner

*Needs obedience training

*Likes to play

*Puppy brain

*Very well house trained

*Can be protective of dish - caution around other dogs

*Can be strong on a leash 

*Would benefit in a home with another non-dominant dog

*Correction aggression 


Lab x Pointer x Springer, Male, Neutered, 2 years of age

Size: L + 70 lbs

Kids: No -  15+

Cats: No

Dogs: Very selective, no small dogs, no intact dogs, no dominant dogs

Energy: Medium

Special Notes:

*No kids under 15 - correction aggression

*Crate trained

*Rambunctious - will mouth when playing

*Benefit from large breed knowledgeable home

*Needs obedience training

*Benefit from active home

*Cannot live in area with lots of dogs

*Can be destructive - crating is highly recommended when unattended

*Very selective with dogs, cannot live in neighbourhood with lots of dogs


Shepherd x Labrador, Male, 6 years of age, Neutered

Size: M/L + 60 lbs

Kids: No - 16 years and up 

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Selective - best with females

Energy Level: Low/ Medium

Special Notes:

*Experienced dog owner

*Wary of new people

*Likes to play with toys 

*Very loyal

*Will protect toys if someone grabs it 

*Protective of household 

*Benefit from low traffic household with little to no visitors - Does not do well with lots of new people

*Very well house trained 

*Knows basic commands - sit, stay, come, lay down, shake

*Toy motivated


Hound X Collie, Neutered , Male, 4 Years Old

Size: L + 80 lbs

Kids: Yes - wonderful with people

Cats: No

Dogs: Very Selective - no dominant males, no small dogs

Energy Level: High/Medium

Special Notes:

*Would do best in a country home

*Dogs knowledgeable owners/ breed knowledge 

*Preferred to be the only dog in the household

*Benefit from fenced in yard

*Best to live with no other dogs around

*Loves to please

*Knows basic commands - sit, lay down

*Strong on a leash

*House trained

*Great with people

*Crate trained

*Loves to play with toys

*Has had ear issues

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