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Pets For Adoption


We currently are not having our weekly open houses as well as drop in visits.

Send us an email on our contact page to inquire about a specific pet by name and please

 see our match making application in the contact section.


Husky x Catahoula Leopard, Female, Spayed, 2 years of age


Size: M + 50lbs

Kids: 13+

Cats: No - will chase

Dogs: No small dogs, no dominant dogs 

Energy: High

Special Notes:

*House training 7/10

*Would benefit from an active home 

*Would benefit from a fenced in yard


*Puppy tendencies

*Loves to play with toys

*Can excited nip - no young children

*Can be vocal

*Strong on a leash

*High prey drive - no small animals


Husky, Female, 4 Years Old, Spayed

Size: M +- 45lbs

Kids: Yes


Dogs: No small dogs, or dominant 

Energy: Medium / High

Special Notes:

*No townhouses or condos

*Dominant female

*Housetraining 9/10

*Loves to play with toys

*Flight risk

*Can be vocal

*Scared of being leashed walked

*Not recommended to be tied

Dory is a sweet girl. She comes from a hoarding situation, therefore lacks social skills. She was the alpha female of the pack. If she is in a home with other dogs, she will require an assertive owner and consistency with training. She will want to dominate other dogs. 


Husky, Female, 5 Years Old, Spayed


Size: M 35lbs

Kids: Yes 

Cats: Yes, recommended with dog friendly cats

Dogs: Yes

Energy: Medium

Special Notes:

*No townhouses or condos

*Would benefit with a non dominant leader dog 

*Housetraining  9/10

*Flight risk

*Not recommended to be tied

*Gentle soul

*Will need time and consistency with socialization 


*Would benefit from a quiet home, a quiet couple would be the ideal home


Saint Bernard x Malamute, Male, 4 Years Old, Neutered, 115lbs

At this time we are looking for a very specific home for Nova;

A Home must...

*Be in a rural area with acreage- no apartments, no condos

*Must not have young children, only children over thirteen years of age 

*No boys

*Female based

*Must have experience with giant breed

*Must be experienced in training

*No male dogs, especially intact males

*Would do best as an only dog

Nova has been with us for over three years. Theses are Nova's requirements. Nova should be met several times to be considered for adoption. He needs to be with someone he trusts and trust cannot be earned on one visit. 

Please read carefully if considering Nova. If you meet these requirements please contact us. 


Husky, Female, 5 Years Old, Spayed


Size: Large 85lbs

Kids: +8 - no infants, best with dog knowledgeable children

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Energy: Low/ Medium

Special Notes:

*Timid - will be vocal to strangers

*House training 10/10

*Loves to play ball

*Once bonded gets excited when she sees her people

*Good on leash


*Excellent in a car

*Best with children that can respect her space

*Good recall


*High prey drive - no small animals

*Would do best in a quiet household

Shyla is very timid, she would require prospective new owners to meet her at least 3x before taking her home. She takes a long time to trust new people. She could potentially be reactive if someone pushes themselves on her. 


German Shepherd, Female, Spayed, 3 years of age

Size: L + 70lbs

Kids: No - 17+

Cats: Yes

Dogs: No dominant females, No small dogs

Energy: Medium

Special Notes:

*Crate trained

*Housetraining 9/10

*Will bark aggressively at kids 

*Uneasy with strangers

*Highly recommended living in a German Shepherd knowledgeable home

*Loving once she bonds

*Loves attention 

*Can be independent 

*Poor recall


Puggle mix, Neutered, Male, 10 Years Old

Size: M 45 lbs

Kids: 12+

Cats: Will chase, not recommended 

Dogs: No intact or dominant males

Energy: High

Special Notes:

*Housetraining 9/10

*Nervous around some men

*Cautious with new introductions

*Once trust is earned loves belly rubs


*Obedient - knows to sit, lay down

*Hard on leash

*Playful - doesn't like to give up the ball

*Not destructive in the house

*Possessive of food bowl and bones - caution around kids 


Husky, Spayed, 3 years of age

Size: M +- 40lbs

Kids: Yes


Dogs: Unknown with small, good with large dogs

Energy: Low/ Medium

Special Notes:

*No townhouses or condos

*Would benefit with a leader dog 

*Needs leash training

*Needs socialization work

*Housetraining 7/10

*Flight risk

*Can be vocal

*Requires a secure fence

*Scared of being leashed walked

Raffy was rescued with five other huskies. She was extremely skittish. She does well with other dogs as she benefits from having a dog to follow. Once trust is earned she will look for guidance. She still is a flight risk, it is highly not recommended for her to be tied, she must be in a very secure yard if unattended. She would do wonderful with someone that has time to show her compassion and consistency in her training. 


Akita x Saint Bernard, Female, Spayed, 3 years of age

Size: L +- 85lbs

Kids: 15+

Cats: No

Dogs: No

Energy: Medium 

Special Notes:

*Does not like men - Female based home only

*House training 8/10

*Breed knowledgeable home recommended

*Does not like to swim


*Wants to please her people

*Friendly with women

*Not good with other dogs, Not recommended to live in a neighbourhood with lots of dogs

*Rural home recommended 


DSH, Female, 1 Year Old, Spayed

Kids: 10+

Cats: Yes - doesn't appreciate high energy cats

Dogs: No

Special Notes:

*Litter trained

*Up to date on shots

*Born without socialization - timid of loud noises

*Doesn't like being picked up

*Calm and sweet in quiet enviornments

*Enjoys to be pet on her head


Long Haired German Shepherd, Female, 5 Years Old, Spayed

Size: Large 85lbs

Kids: 13+

Cats: No

Dogs: No female dogs, No Small Dogs, No Dominant dogs, Good with non domain large breed male dogs

Energy: Medium

Special Notes:

*House training 9/10

*Loving, Loyal 

*Knows French 

*Good on a leash

*Likes to play ball

*Recommended to live in a rural area

*Must not live close by to dogs due to selectivity

*Knows how to sit, lay down, shake a paw

*Breed knowledgeable owners highly recommended

*Can be vocal 


DSH, Male, 3 Years Old, Neutered

*Would do best in a quiet home

*Loves attention

*Does not appreciate high energy cats or dogs

*Recommended with older children

*Litter trained