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Pets For Adoption

Send us an email on our contact page to inquire about a specific pet by name,

or visit us on Open House Sunday 12-3 pm at 430 Oakwood Road Powassan Ontario.

Please see our match making application in the contact section.


Puggle mix, Neutered, Male, 9 Years Old


Size: Medium 50 lbs

Kids: 12+

Cats: Will chase, not recommended  

Dogs: No intact or dominant males

Energy: High

Special Notes:

*House training 9/10

*Nervous around some men

*Cautious with new introductions

*Once trust is earned loves belly rubs

*Food motivated

*Obedient - knows sit, lay down

*Hard on leash

*Playful - doesn't like to give up ball

*Not destructive in house

*Possessive of food bowl and bones - caution around kids 


Lab x Shepherd x Rottweiler, Male, Neutered, 6 years of age


Size: L + 80lbs

Kids: 10+

Cats: No

Dogs: No intact / male dogs, No small dogs

Energy: Low/ Medium

Special Notes:

*Crate trained

*House training 10/10

*Good on a leash

*Shy with new introductions, once you play ball he gets excitable with new people

*Takes treats gently 

*Can sit

*Very quiet alone unless he sees a dominant male dog he will bark 

*Poor recall


Husky x Lab, Female, Spayed, 11 months of age

Size: M + 40lbs

Kids: No young kids, 13+

Cats: No

Dogs: Not good with dominant dogs, 

Energy: High / Medium

Special Notes:

*Has food and toy possession

*Not recommended to be alone for long periods of time

*Would benefit to be exercised multiple times a day

*Needs obedience training - needs a family that can work with her

*Good in the car

*House trained 10/10


*Good on a leash

*Dominant with other dogs


German Shepherd, Female, Spayed, 3 years of age

Size: L + 70lbs

Kids: No - 17+

Cats: Yes

Dogs: No dominant females, No small dogs

Energy: Medium

Special Notes:

*Crate trained

*House training 9/10

*Will bark aggressively at kids 

*Uneasy with strangers

*Highly recommended to live in a German Shepherd knowledgeable home

*Loving once she bonds

*Loves attention 


Akita x Saint Bernard, Female, Spayed, 3 years of age

Size: L +- 85lbs

Kids: 15+

Cats: No

Dogs: No

Energy: Medium 

Special Notes:

*Does not like men - Female based home only

*House training 8/10

*Breed knowledgeable home recommended

*Does not like to swim

*Friendly with women

*Not good with other dogs, Not recommended to live in a neighbourhood with lots of dogs

*Rural home recommended 


Husky x Catahoula Leopard, Female, Spayed, 1.5 years of age

Size: M + 50lbs

Kids: 13+

Cats: No - will chase

Dogs: No small dogs, no dominant dogs 

Energy: High

Special Notes:

*House training 5/10

*Would benefit from an active home 

*Would benefit from a fenced in yard


*Puppy tendencies

*Loves to play with toys

*Can excited nip - no young children

*Can be vocal


Great Dane x Cattle Dog mix, Female, Spayed, 2 years of age

Size: M + 50 lbs

Kids: Must be extremely dog knowledgeable 10+ 

Cats: No

Dogs: Good with large dog, No small dogs

Energy: High 

Special Notes:

*Needs an active family- very high energy

*Does well with dogs that can tolerate her high energy

*Crate trained

*Can be destructive when left alone, crate a must 

*House trained 8/10

*Can be vocal when left alone

*Jumps up

*Nibbles on clothing, no young kids


*Absolutely no apartments or townhouses

*Must be walked / exercised twice daily

*Excellent recall


Sharpei x Great Dane, Male, Neutered, 2 years of age

Size: L + 85 lbs

Kids: 10+

Cats: Passive Cats

Dogs: No dominant dogs, No intact males, No small dogs

Energy: Medium / High

Special Notes:

*House trained 10/10

*Will jump up

*Will take off if let loose

*Recommended with dog knowledgeable children

*Puppy tendencies

*Fearful of new people - will bark at new people

*Great with people once he bonds




Long Haired German Shepherd, Female, 5 Years Old, Spayed

Size: Large 85lbs

Kids: 13+

Cats: No

Dogs: No female dogs, No Small Dogs, No Dominant dogs

Energy: Medium

Special Notes:

*House training 9/10

*Loving, Loyal 

*Knows French 

*Good on a leash

*Likes to play ball

*Recommended to live in a rural area

*Must not live close by to dogs

*Knows how to sit, lay down, shake a paw

*Breed knowledgeable owners highly recommended

*Has separation anxiety - will bark


Saint Bernard x Malamute, Male, Neutered, 3 years of age


Size: XL + 100lbs

Kids: Depending on knowledge of dogs, older kids recommended 

Cats: Yes

Dogs: Selective- No intact males- no dominant dogs

Energy: Low/ Medium

Special Notes:

*Recommended in a female based environment

*Can be selective with men

*Crate trained

*Rambunctious - will mouth when playing

*Benefit from large breed knowledgeable home

*Needs a physically strong owner

*Likes to play

*Puppy brain

*Very well house trained 10/10

*Can be protective of dish - caution around other dogs

*Can be strong on a leash 

*Would benefit to live in a rural setting

*Correction aggression, will challange commands with people who are not large breed knowledgable

*Nova is a very sweet and loyal dog. He takes time to trust his people. He acts like a 100lbs puppy with bursts of energy. When he does not know his handler he will sometimes challenge commands, which is why we recommend the potential owner to have large breed dog training experience. 


Domestic Shorthair Male, Neutered, 1.5 years of age

Special Notes:


*Does not like to be picked up

*Was born without socialization 

*Needs to be taught trust and confidence

*Loves to play with toys

*Likes other cats

*Not recommended with high energy dogs

*Will hiss when you startle him but once you start petting him on his head he will start to purr