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Pets currently in our program for adoption 

(or will be )

NEW DOGS AVAILABLE- June 14- 2021​




Unfortunately at this time we are not scheduling meet and greets with individuals who live out of the Nipissing Parry Sound District 

.... another place to find Information on potential Dogs and Cats

 Facebook : All Heart Pet Rescue Animals for adoption

Instagram: All Heart Pet Rescue

Twitter: All Heart Pet Rescue

Lambert and Elton

New Arrivals!

  • Neutered Young Males 
  • Litter trained
  • Once bonded love attention


Kids: 10+

Cats: No

Dogs: No

Energy level: 8/10

Dakota is still looking for a special home.

She is just over a year old female spayed German Shepherd.

She is a very strong girl and very energetic, she would do excellent in a rural home with a large fully fenced in yard to run.

She can be quite vocal when seeing other animals

Not recommended to live in an apartment building or condo

She is house trained and crate trained.

She is NOT good with other animals and must be the only animal in the home.

Rocky- updated February 27, 2021


Male German Shepherd, 

Neutered, 2 years of age

House trained. Very smart.

 Bonds well once he gets to know you. 

He has typical Shepherd guarding tendencies. 

Rocky was transferred in from the Montreal SPCA. He did well in his "Train and Board" program with UPK9 North Bay.

Kids: 12+

Cats: Unknown

Dogs: Good with small and large dogs (will play rough)

Energy level: 7/10

adoption fee $250

- This dog does best in a kennel/crate when the owner is not able to tend to him. He loves his crate. 

- He will bark at strangers. 

- Rocky needs a shepherd knowledgeable home that will understand his little quirks.

- Would do best in a home without a lot of visitors

- Can be vocal

- Loves to play with toys

- No apartment building, townhouse or condo

Rick- updated January 24, 2021

Rick is a 3-year-old male dog that appears to be of a husky x shepherd mix. 

He was neutered late therefore does have some attitude toward male dogs.

 He is a good dog, but can occasionally be growly when corrected by a handler. 

He has not tried to bite but certainly is vocal.

He does not like cats. 

We are working on his behaviour. Stay tuned!

Rick was transferred in from a Quebec rescue.


Kids: 12 yrs +

Cats: No

Dogs: No Small, No Intact or Dominant Males 

Would do excellent with someone who has experience with obedience training

Would do best in a home with few visitors 

Cautious with strangers 

Not recommended to live in an apartment building or condo

Loves to play ball


Updated March 20, 21

Neutered Male German Shepherd

2.5 years old

Turned in by owner from Montreal Quebec

Cats: No

Dogs: No Small dogs, No dominant males

Kids: 10+

Best with women

Adoption fee $300

- Will take time to get to know new people

-Wary of strangers especially men

- Will cower from some men

- Would require a patient home to form a bond

- Would do excellent in a quiet home

- Very strong on a leash

- Energy level 7/10

- Can be vocal

- Very loving and excitable once bonded

Radio- updated April, 2021

Radio is a young male dog 2+, he is neutered.

Radio was transferred in from a Foster Home Rehabilitation Center in the Niagara area.

 He is a sweet boy once he gets to know you and trusts you. 

He is wary of new people and will bark and bounce all over the place. He will need a couple of meetings before he goes to his new home. 

He is wonderful with other large dogs. We have not tested him around small dogs yet. 

He loves to play ball. 

Radio does well in his crate and is housetrained.

Adoption fee is $300

Cats: Yes

Small dogs: unknown

Kids: 14+

Energy level: 8.5/10

-Will need a home that will run him regularly*

-Would do excellent with a fenced in yard

- Cautious with new people

- Would do best in a quiet home with few visitors

- Would do excellent in a GSD knowledgeable home

- Not recommended to live in an apartment building or condo


* 4 Years Old

*Neutered Male

*110 lbs

Nova has been with All Heart for over three years; we are looking for a very specific home for him: 

*No male dogs - especially intact male dogs

*Good with cats

*No young children- 15yrs +

*Has a hard time trusting a man

*Possession aggression with toys and food

*Would do excellent in a home with acreage 

*No apartments buildings or condos


We are looking for a very specific home for Barley

7 Year Old - Chow Mix

  • He does well with a female owner
  • No Cats
  • No kids 16+
  • No dogs, especially no males
  • Would do excellent in a rural area
  • He is very obedient
  • Loyal to his person
  • Wants to please
  • Not good around strangers - will be aggressive
  • IF future home has a visitor he must be properly introduced
  • No apartment buildings or condos

Bear- June 16 2021

Bear is a fantastic Shepherd mix. He is a lot bigger than this photo and his ears are bigger than they look here. (not a great photo) he is 3 year old boy that gets along with everyone. He's chill and a good boy. He pulls a lot on a leash so needs a strong walker. 

Bear has epilepsy and requires two pills a day until further notice. It does. not change his personality. He's a lovely boy! Adoption fee is $450

Bear comes with 2 months of medication, flea program, neutered, vaccines, food, bed, bowls, treats, toys.

Kids: He hasnt met any while with us

Energy Level: 5/10


Dogs: GREAT!

Recall: Not great

JAX- June 16, 2021

Jax is a wonderful boy that loves everyone he meets. He made his trek from Northern Manitoba aprox a month ago. We feel now that he is ready to find his forever home. Jax has been around male and female dogs alike. We do reccommend that he lives with another dog as he tends to get vocal and squeeky when he's bored in our kennel environment. Jax appears to be 1 yearish of age and a Shepherd/ Sheepdog mix. 

His adoption fee is $450 as other expenses came into the situation when getting Jax to us.

He is healthy and ready to go!

Please send your application to us today!

Kids: great

Energy Level: 6/10


Dogs: Best with Large dogs

Leash walking- seems to do well!

Size- Aprox 70 pounds (he is much bigger than in his photo)

AHPR Adoption Fees

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