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In accordance with the recent announcement at Queens Park, we will not be scheduling appointments until further notice. We will not be scheduling appointments to residents to the Nipissing Parry Sound District or any other districts.

 Pets currently in our program


German Shepherd x , Female, Spayed, 3 years of age

UPDATED!‚Äč- January 10

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If you are a member of Facebook you can find our animals on the page : All Heart Pet Rescue Animals for adoption

Rocky- updated January 20, 2021

Rocky- male German Shepherd, neutered, 2 years of age, house trained. Has typical Shepherd guarding tendencies. Currently in "Train and Board" program with UPK9 North Bay.


APOLLO- updated Jan 19

Apollo was once in the back of someones pick up truck (not known to us at All Heart) and jumped out while on the highway. His leg was badly broken and it was amputated. 

He is a nice dog once he trusts you. Before that happens he comes across as a big grump! He is very good with all the staff at All Heart. But it took awhile to happen. We have not yet had him out with other dogs. He would not get along with cats.

DUSTY- updated January 20, 2021

Dusty 1 year old male, neutered, tries to be dominant with some dogs. He is doing very well with his rehabilitation. Would do best in a dog knowledgable home. He is medium energy. He is a young dog and has a lot of potential. He is crate trained.

Whiskey- updated Jan 19 2021

8 year old male, will be neutered soon! Lived with cats and other dogs. Tends to be dominant with other MALE dogs. Needs someone with patience to get to know him. Otherwise comes across as grumpy with strangers when he first meets them

Max- updated January 24  2021

Max is a wary boy that will take awhile to trust new people.He loves to sniff around when in the yard. Will play and loves to try and catch snowballs. Currently working on his social skills. Stay tuned!  He is a very laid back dog.


Lulu-Belle updated Jan 19

Lulu is a silly girl. She is aprox 6 years of age. She looks like a 50 lb German Shepherd. (she is actually a lot bigger than in her photo shown) She is spayed and originated in Cuba! Her owner brought her to Canada, but had to move back to Cuba and it wasnt in the cards for Lulu to move back. She has excitable energy and will nibble on gloves or mittens when she is first let outside. She isnt biting. but trying to get attention and deal with her excitement. After spending 3 weeks with UPK9 she seems to be able to shut her excitement off a lot better now. She is good with other dogs large and small.

Canon updated Jan 20, 2021

Canon is a very sweet boy, recently neutered and learning to act more his age! This boy is 3.5 years of age. He still acts like a puppy that is 3 months old! He is very good with every person he meets but has zero manners. He likes to take mittens now and then, he likes to come when he wants, he is horrible on a leash but VERY loving. Canon is great with cats :) He was originally brought in to a pound as a stray with his brother. The owner was then found and the dogs then relinquished to the pound. He and his brother were separated.


Rick- updated January 24, 2021

Rick is a 3 year old male dog that appears to be of a husky x shepherd mix. He was neutered late therefore does have some attitude with male dogs. He is a good dog, but can occassionally be growly when corrected by a handler. He has not tried to bite but certainly is vocal. He does not like cats. We are working with his behaviour. Stay tuned!

Bandit- updated January 20, 2021

Bandit is currently on a trial adoption :) 

He is doing fantastic with his foster home!

Dakota- updated January 22, 2021

Dakota is a high energy over gown 1 year old puppy. 

She does not have a lot of manners when playing with other dogs but is learning!! Stay tuned for more information. 

Not yet up for adoption

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