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Over the years All Heart Pet Rescue and Bear Creek Kennels have employed 3 people. One of them staying for four years. This help was necessary while Kathy was busy raising her 3 children as well as attending their school and sports events.

Its been fifteen years since All Heart has had an employee. Its about time all of the volunteers get a bit of a break. 


  1.  Must be comfortable around all dogs, whether large or small, fearful or assertive
  2.  Must not have cat allergies
  3. Must be willing to work inside and out, if rain or shine
  4. Must be able to handle physical work
  5. Must be available to work morning shifts (generallyl 9:00 am to 12:00 pm) 2 or 3 days during a business week

The duties that would be done by the kennel attendant daily would include, letting dogs outside, feeding dogs and cats, vacuuming and mopping floors, keeping windows free of paw and slobber marks, giving medicine to those that require it, wash pet dishes, hosing down runs, shovelling in the winter time (if this is'nt a summer student- which is totally fine), Walk some dogs on leash, clean litter boxes, scoop poop (daily), empty trash/recycling.

Other occassional things could be;  grooming, cutting grass, paper work, phone calls, organizing auction items and generally getting jobs done that Kathy may need.

We ask that you send your resume including cover letter telling us of your animal experience and also why we should hire you.

Please submit to [email protected]

We are hoping to choose someone by July 15 the latest.